Condition the Body.
Cultivate the Mind.
Nurture the Spirit.

Located in the Nova Scotia Valley, Empty Hand Martial Arts is a private school for the holistic practice of traditional martial arts, fitness and self defence. 

Classes in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia


Tai Chi

Self Defence


About Us

Our Values

We value inclusiveness, compassion, gratitude, respect and kindness.

Our Approach

We continuously strive to create the conditions for personal growth and development in a safe, positive, trauma sensitive and supportive environment.

Our Programs

Our classes and programs are appropriate for all ages 6 and up.

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Your first class is completely free with no obligation. 

We would love for you to experience Empty Hand Martial Arts firsthand. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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Our Classes


Our Karate Classes

At Empty Hand Martial Arts, the core of our training is Traditional Okinawan Goju Karate Do. Goju Karate is a close quarters fighting system emphasizing strikes, kicks, circular defence, joint manipulation, grappling, throws and pressure points. Traditional Karate is non-competitive, non-comparative and non-judgemental. It is a personal journey unique to each who begins.

Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi is a slow moving, gentle and peaceful fitness program for all parts of the body, mind and spirit. Often referred to as “meditation in motion” or “medicine in motion, it is appropriate for all ages and can be done standing or seated in a chair.

Self Defence

Our Self Defence Classes

Violence is rarely the answer, but when it is, it’s the only answer. Self Defence is not about fighting, it is about survival and getting home safe to your loved ones.


Train Like a Fighter

Training like a fighter is more than exercise, it’s a form of self-expression that trains your mind, body and spirit. Training like a fighter works your whole body top to bottom and front to back with a focus on core muscle development which unifies the body for functional and usable strength. Live Life Strong!

A Message from Jamie

Hello, I’m Jamie, Founder of Empty Hand Martial Arts. I would be delighted to speak with you, answer any questions you may have and share more information about our programs.

I understand that starting a new program can be intimidating and talking beforehand can help you feel more confident and excited to start. Please contact me to schedule a call. 

Jamie Edwards Founder Annapolis Academy