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Karate Classes in Annapolis Valley

Your first class is completely free with no obligation.  We would love for you to experience Empty Hand Martial Arts firsthand.

Karate Classes

All Karate classes are held at the Training for Life Studio (68 Victoria St. Middleton, NS B0S 1P0)

Tuesdays & Thursdays:


Karate Classes for Communities in the Annapolis Valley including:
Berwick, Greenwood, Middleton, Kentville and Bridgetown (everyone from any region is welcome).

Karate is Peace

About our Karate Program

Goju Karate Do translates to Hard-Soft Empty-Hand Way.

A traditional karate practice isn’t only about blocking and striking or kicking and grappling, it emphasizes the transformation that takes place inside the person practising these skills. It is about finding balance – finding balance between what is going on inside of us with what’s going on outside of us.

Dojo = Way Place. Do=Way, Jo=Place. It is not the purpose of the Dojo to decide which transformations take place or how they transform. The purpose of the Dojo is simply to create the conditions and environment for transformation to take place.

A traditional martial arts practice will create an environment where we can connect with our fears and face them, and when we are able to face our fears and move through them, we become stronger and more confident to express ourselves as we truly are. The fear of failure and the feeling of exclusion that is often a result can be particularly challenging.

At Empty Hand Martial Arts we view failure as so essential to growth and success that it is welcomed and celebrated. As we work through the physical, mental and emotional challenges, we become a stronger and more peaceful version of ourself.

Karate is in essence about peace, both inside and outside of ourselves, it is about healing and personal growth. We are not just for people who are strong and confident, but for people who want to be strong and confident.

“Martial arts” as translated from original Chinese characters can be interpreted as “ending conflict skillfully” The ultimate goal of the martial arts is peace.

Martial arts training is to a great degree about understanding conflict around us by exploring and understanding the conflict inside of us.
“First we learn how not to fight ourselves, then we learn how not to fight other people.” Ian Sinclair

Condition the body, cultivate the mind and nurture the spirit.

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Hello, I’m Jamie, Founder of Empty Hand Martial Arts. I would be delighted to speak with you, answer any questions you may have and share more information about our programs.

I understand that starting a new program can be intimidating and talking beforehand can help you feel more confident and excited to start. Please contact me to schedule a call. 

Jamie Edwards Founder Annapolis Academy