Our values

We value inclusiveness, compassion, gratitude, respect and kindness.

Our Approach

We continuously strive to create the conditions for personal growth and development in a safe, positive, trauma sensitive and supportive environment.

Our Programs

Our classes and programs are appropriate for all ages 6 and up.

“Understand that the essence of martial arts is not the art itself, but that which is hidden deep within yourself.” 

~ Sensei Gogen Yamaguchi

Meet Jamie

Jamie Edwards

Teacher + Founder

My career as a professional teacher for over 35 years includes high school music, non-profit youth organizations for the performing arts and of course the martial arts.

I am grateful my career as a teacher has offered me the privilege of working with thousands of young people in Canada and the United States.

I started training in Karate (Goju Ryu) in 1989 and was promoted to black belt in 1993. My training continues to this day with 7 teachers in 4 countries and my study includes Karate, Tai Chi, Bagua, Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Taoist philosophy and meditation.

Starting Empty Hand Martial Arts here in the Valley has given me the opportunity to continue my career teaching Karate,Tai Chi and self defence, and I am currently teaching specialized music programs at Middleton Regional High School, Annapolis East Elementary School and Lawrencetown Education Centre.